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Drift boat fishing for Steelhead on the mighty Salmon river can not be beat.  The Salmon river runs through the second deepest river gorge in all of North America and drains over 14,000 square miles of virtually unpopulated wilderness.  It boasts some of the best wild and fishery Steelhead runs in the country in some of the cleanest water you will ever find.

Rod-railing takedowns and wild fights are what you can expect from our Steelhead.  Come hook into one and find out why they are some of the most sought after trophy fish on the planet.

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Half-day Steelhead

Get that morning bite and then get on with the rest of your day.  Or, have a relaxing morning and come fishing in the warm, beautiful afternoon.  We are as flexible as you are!

Full-day Steelhead

Maximize your fishing by spending a full eight hours with us.  Put on early and fish all day long in one of the most beautiful river canyons in the country.  Our boats are heated, roomy, and comfortable.

Chukar Hunting

The Salmon river canyon is chock full of Chukars!  Hunting Chukar out of a drift boat is an amazing and effective way to load your freezer with fresh, natural delicious meat.  We will help you get it done!

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Salmon River Steelhead is a family-owned and operated outfitter.  We take pride in our river, wildlife, trips, and country.  Rochelle Bettis will help coordinate and arrange your trip, and Matt Bettis will be your guide.

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- Salmon River Steelhead

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