What we have to offer

Easy Access

Our premier drift boats have doors!  They turn a 30-inch step over the side into a 15-inch step through the door.  It makes it safe and easy for anybody of any age.

Room to Breathe

Our drift boats are large and roomy.  Go ahead and stretch your arms and legs out.  You are not going home feeling like you were stuffed into a sardine can all day.


Our boats are guaranteed to have heaters.  Let's face it - it can be pretty darn cold outside if you are winter steelheading.  But, do not worry.  We will keep you toasty!

Comfortable Seats

Big, thick, cushy seats are very important for client comfort.  And, comfort turns a great day fishing into a dream come true.  You are going to love our seats.

Hot Lunch

We are going to feed you a great, hot lunch.  And, that just can't be beat.

Fishing Gear

You do not have to worry about bringing any gear.  We have you covered with solid, tried and true gear that we know works here on the Salmon river.